Create a new budget

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This article explains the budget structure and how to create a new budget.

How the budget structure work

For better insight and control you can define your own Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS) with up to three levels as displayed below. 


The middle level (Group) is optional. Cost is always allocated to the lowest level (Category level).

How to create a new budget

Budgets are created under Settings --> Budgets (+Add new budget)

You need the Budget role to create a new budget and administrator right to activate a budget. 

Note! You can also create a new budget by copying an existing budget, then the structure from the old budget will be copied to the new one.


Budget number / name - The budget number and name that will be displayed when selecting a budget

Amount - The total budget amount

Department - For approval, the next level or approval if the PO value exceeds the Budget responsible approval limit

Project - For displaying project numbers on a separate line in the PO PDF and for linking a Budget with a project (for automation purposes). 

Responsible user - the first approver for purchases created on the budget.

Budget visibility - To restrict access to individuals. Then only selected users will see the budget in the budget section.

Purchase visibility - To restrict access to individuals. Then only selected users will be able to select the budget when purchasing.

Budget strict control - Makes overspend impossible. This will prevent approval of cost the result in an overspend on the total budget (Note! Overspend on categories can still happen).

Active - Only active budgets can be purchase on and displayed in the Budget section.

Make a copy - Copies the budget including all structure and amounts to a new budget (to make it easier to create new budgets).

How to set up a Cost Breakdown Structure

When adding or editing a budget you will have the budget structure on the right side. Here you can create categories and allocate values to each category. If you want to use the Group level, create the Groups first and add the group to the applicable category.

See an example Cost Breakdown Structure below.


If you have many budget Categories, you can also import budgets or copy the structure from an existing Budget.  

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