Import budgets

1 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

You can import new budgets or update existing ones by using the import function.

Go to Settings --> Budgets and select the relevant budget

Select "Import" in the top right section.


Select the "Template file to compare". This is the file format you need to enter the data into before pasting in the import form.


The template file contains 5 columns:

Number - this is the category number (optional)

Name - this is the category name (mandatory)

Amount - this is the budget amount (mandatory)

Group number - this is the budget group number (optional)

Group name - this is the budget group name (optional)


When you have prepared the budget, paste the data with column headers directly into the table and select "Continue". Data is then recognized and validated. Delete or fix any red lines and select continue.


The data is now populated for the budget:


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