Xero integration

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With our Xero integration, you can benefit from having an all-in-one purchasing and supplier invoice module. You can also activate our high prediction, machine learning OCR to get further invoice automation.

How the integration works

The Xero integration is a plug & play integration that reads master data such as suppliers, nominal codes, tax codes and tracking categories from the accounting system that can be used in CostTracker and the invoices are received, matched and approved in CostTracker and posted back to Xero. You can also receive invoices that are not PO related in CostTracker so that you receive and approve all in one place.

You can choose if you like to update suppliers in Xero directly from CostTracker and restrict access to doing this on for each user.


Setting up the integration

Go to Settings --> Integrations --> Xero 

If you have a trial account without access to the Integration section, send us a message on support@costtracker.no or directly from the integration section and we will enable it. 

Click "Connect to Xero"


 Insert your Xero username and password for the right account in Xero.

 You will then be prompted with data that CostTracker will be granted access to. Click «Allow access» 

 Open the Xero section again and click on the download button. CostTracker will then download master data and sync this every night. You can also refresh the update by pushing the refresh button or the refresh symbol in the supplier section. 


Define G/L account (nominal codes) and tax codes

After the integration has been enabled, you can increase the user-friendliness, by disabling the visibility of accounts or tax codes that you don't need in CostTracker.



That's it! Now you can start using CostTracker integrated with Xero and receive supplier invoices directly to CostTracker.


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