Invoice approvals

3 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

Invoices can be received directly in CostTracker or uploaded manually and processed by user(s) with Accounting role. 

Users with this role can: 

  • Match invoices with Purchase orders in CostTracker
  • Attach transaction directly to a budget in CostTracker (if no purchase order has been raised) 
  • Process invoice without any matching or links in CostTracker

An invoice can be broken down to several invoice transaction lines, and these can also be a combination of the above mentioned. 

Sending for approval

User with accounting role can enter all details to the invoice. When all transactional data has been entered - click save. By saving you trigger the validation process that ensures that all mandatory fields are filled in, and sum of transactional data equals the total amount of the supplier invoice. 

Click "Send for approval" and you get a list of all approvers in the company. Select the users that should approve. You can select one or multiple approvers.


NOTE - Users with Accounting role can also approve invoices directly. To do this, simply skip selecting any approvers and the Approve option will appear for the user with Accounting role. 

Approving invoices

 After invoice has been sent for approval, it will appear in the users Approve section in CostTracker. Purchase orders are listed in one tab, invoices for approval in the second tab. You will see a number displaying how many are waiting for your approval. 


Users can also get notifications on email by checking this off under their profile settings. 

Going into the document, you will see all the details that has been entered by Accounting user. On this invoice the first transaction is matched agains a purchase order. If you want more details on this you can simply click the document icon in the right corner. This will feed you more information about: 

  • Purchase order item lines - what has been ordered and received
  • Transactin list - other invoices that has been matched against this purchase order earlier. 
  • Full audit log - who has done what on the matched purchase order. 

You can also click into the PO details if more information is needed. All their so you can do a solid 3-way matching. 


After reviewing the invoice, you have the following choices:

  • Approve - if looks good. 
  • Reject - can also add comment to describe why rejected
  • Hold - if invoice for some reason should not be paid before checking details 

When invoice is fully approved, it will appear as approved to the Accounting user(s). They will now have an option of transferring this to the accounting system. 


If you are operating on an integrated account this action will trigger a transfer of the supplier invoice and invoice transactions. Will be available as a bill to pay in your accounting system. 

If using CostTracker's invoice module as a stand-alone account, it will trigger a file extract of the selected invoices. We recommend doing these extracts as batch jobs from the invoice list view. This is done by selecting multiple approved POs and select batch job - "Transfer to ERP".  

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